New Metro Website Same As The Old Metro Website?

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When I got the email this afternoon about the new, I clicked the link, wanting to see what WMATA had done. I was all kinds of excited.

Except that it was just a press release telling me that there would be a new on Monday December 8th. This is what we call a PRESS RELEASE FAIL.

Let’s hope the website isn’t in the same vein.

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3 thoughts on “New Metro Website Same As The Old Metro Website?

  1. I never go to since I’ve gotten used to typing, so I only just noticed now: the Flash intro on still uses the old door chimes.

  2. but you still wrote about it, which makes it a PRESS RELEASE WIN, by my PR-guru standards. suckaaaaa.

    No, but seriously – they got you, cause you wrote about it now, and i bet you you’re going to write about it (or else I will or Tiff will or someone will…) on Monday, too. WIN.

    Sigh, I want Metro to hire me to do Metro PR. Hint, hint.

  3. Yeah I thought the same thing when I got the email yesterday. I quickly went to the site and saw that nothing was changed. Good Marketing just hope they release on Dec 8th and not later then it would be bad marketing.