MoCo Is Grinchin’ It Up

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Oh this one is too silly not to write about. Church in MoCo opens their Christmas Tree sale, as they always have, right after Thanksgiving. Their trees pay for their good works abroad, and always have.

Except there’s a law on the books in MoCo that says you can’t sell Christmas Trees before December 5. Church is fined $500 for early sale of Christmas Trees.

Now, I’m as against the encroachment of Christmas into November as anyone else, but this is pretty silly. If you can’t sell the Christmas stuff the day after Thanksgiving, then you’ve got no soul. That’s the day the Christmas Music comes out of its box in the closet, the day it’s okay to order Peppermint Mochas at Starbucks, the day it’s fine to start shopping for Christmas.

Pictured here is our tree, purchased at Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA. We drove out to the country last weekend, despite the weather, and cut down a beautiful 6′ Norway Spruce for our tree. Ray and the other Farmers were glad to see us, and even covered our coffee. They’re open all weekend, and their trees are gorgeous. Go on out and get one.

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