Starbucks Good Samaritans

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So, yesterday I was walking through Penn Quarter at Lunch with my business partner, and right there on E street, we passed a Prius Zipcar. It wasn’t out of the ordinary in any way, other than the fact that the roof was adorned with a red starbucks coffee cup. Much the way I would accidentally leave my coffee on the roof of my car, were I in a big hurry.

We watched it pass and head down E Street, and marvelled at how well balanced it was. Sure, they were only going 25mph, but it stayed for two blocks as they moved with traffic.

We should’ve stopped them, as it turns out, because it’s a promotion between Zipcar and Starbucks. Be a good Samaritan, stop the guy, and he’ll give you a Starbucks gift card. Pretty smart. I only wish we had run down the guy and stopped him in the middle of the street now…

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