Nats Bid $160M for Mark Teixeira

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I’ve complained about the lack of Offense for the Nationals for what feels like time immemorial, and it seems that the front office has finally listened. They’ve reportedly offered $160 Million over 8 years to Mark Teixeira. That’s a whole lot of money. What happens when he says, “Wait, they only won how many games last year?” and Scott Boras turns JimmyBo down? Well, there’s always Adam Dunn, except that he’s everyone’s Plan B. So, we’ll overpay if we get him, but I suspect that we’ll be too far behind after Teixeira tells the Nats to take a hike.

I’d love the addition of a real first baseman to replace our injury-prone brothers-from-another-mother, but I think that’s over-paying, and we probably won’t get him anyway. But that could just be the pessimist in me.

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