Teixeira to the Yankees

Well, so much for landing a local superstar to anchor the Nationals this year. Mark Teixeira, and his feckless thug of an agent Scott Boras, extracted $180M from the Yankees for an 8-year deal with the [expletive deleted] New York [expletive deleted] Yankees, who apparently also included [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] piles of money. And the Nats continue their inability to sign anyone who’s worth half a damn for more than half a season.

So, in tribute, I bring you this video:
YouTube Preview Image

[expletive deleted] you, New York, and [expletive deleted] your precious [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] panda-raping [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] grandmother-shoving [expletive deleted] Blagojevich-fondling [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted] [expletive deleted]-gargling [expletive deleted]-punching Yankees. Oh, and Steinbrenner? Cancer. CANCER, I say!

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11 thoughts on “Teixeira to the Yankees

  1. I think baseball is a weird sport as it is. The team with the most money wins (usually) which is kinda lame. I’m always up for drinking a beer and eating a dog though.

    That said, that’s one of my favorite scenes from Flight of the Conchords!

  2. It’s personal with me and the Yankees, WFY. I wouldn’t have liked it if Boston had taken him, or if the Angels had gotten him. I would’ve been reeeeeally ticked if the O’s got him, as Angelos is one cheap jerkface and doesn’t deserve Tex. But the Yankees? It gets my goat. Hate those guys *so very much*.

  3. I don’t really blame you. The Nat’s outbid the Yankees. The Nat’s did all they could, and tried to throw more money at him than the Yankees. Nat’s fans have every right to use as many expletives as they can possibly think of.

  4. Reports show the Nats would have gone about 10mn higher. Tex just didn’t want to play here. That’s not the Yankees fault. Anyway – the Nats could use 190 mn to spruce up about 8 positions in the field, a rotation and add a bullpen.

  5. Tom,
    For something to be personal between two people (or a person and an entity in this case) it requires that both parties be personally involved in the situation at hand. Since I sincerely doubt anyone within the Yankees organization even knows who you are, it therefore cannot be personal between you two. You are drastically overvaluing your self-importance. Poor choice of words, IMO. As for being upset as a fan of the Nationals, I wouldn’t take it too hard. At least your team made a sincere effort. Which is a lot more than I can say regarding my hometown team, the Giants, and their “attempt” to sign local boy CC Sabathia. How can you blame a guy for wanting to win? Who should really be upset about Tex signing with the Yankees is the Brewers and the Blue Jays. Their compensation draft picks are worth significantly less than they originally were. I also agree with Andy. Aren’t there a multitude of things that the Nats could do with almost $200M over the next decade to make their team competitive? One player sure as heck won’t do that.

  6. Texiera will have many issues everytime he comes home to Baltimore/DC. He will be a hated man here for the rest of his career. He grew up an Oriole fan and went to many games at Camden Yards. He sold out his hometown region.

    He went to the Yankees. To play for a winner? It is clear now that Texiera surely is not a winner. He went to the team where the odds are the best, because the Yankees buy everything they need instead of doing it the old fashioned way. He could have done something to be proud of by helping the O’s or Nats become a winner, but he chose the easy way out. There will be no honor whatsoever in anything Texiera wins in New York, and I doubt that matters to him.

  7. Oh Jason, it’s not that I feel like I should have been personally consulted, it’s just that I think the Yankees are generally a frustrating opponent in this regard. They have no regard for the bottom-line of the franchise, only the bottom line of wins at any cost. I can respect that and still find it absolutely aggravating. I can only imagine how the Yankees fans will feel when they’re sitting at home watching the World Series next year, or worse, losing it, with the four highest-paid players of all time on the field.

    Money doesn’t buy championships, but it does make it massively harder for the other teams to compete. I came to my love of the Nationals by way of my love for the Oakland A’s, and I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is to see the players you’ve developed go off and sign with the Yankees instead of signing with your own team that built them up.

    There are a lot of things that the Nationals can do with that money, and my first suggestion would be to fire GM Jim Bowden. Get us someone who can actually build us a good franchise, instead of someone who says the right things and can’t seal the big deals like this one. This was an abject frustration for us. We see the team deal good players that don’t fit their mold. and then can’t line up the centerpiece. With a veteran star like Teixeira in our lineup, we could do a lot more educating of the younger guys than we could with, say, a Manny Ramirez at the center. It’s aggravating. Who’s left? Adam Dunn?

    I mean, can we really expect goodness from Corey Patterson?

    No, we can’t, and that means Bowden should get the bum’s rush out of town.

  8. It’s about money. That’s what it is for all of these players – and winning to some degree. He may have grown up an O’s fan, but the paycheck comes from the Bronx. He’s no different than any other player. Fans take it far more seriously than the players. It’s a business. It’s entertainment. His loyalty lies where it should; with his family.

    Before free agency hit MLB, these guys made nothing, while the owners ran away with everything. What’s most shocking is that the Yankees will have a 200 million+ payroll and still turn a significant profit. That’s still true even if they had never built a new stadium (with some help from NYC taxpayers unfortunately).

    The Orioles used to fill that beautiful park every night (paid for by the city). Peter Angelos owns MASN and worked out a sweet deal to broadcast Nats games. The Nats have a deal only the Jets could envy (though I’m comparing stadiums to TV). What is Angelos doing with his returns? The AL East is filled with big markets. TV contracts are extremely lucrative. The basic existance of a team in such a crowded area guarantees enormous profit. It’s an embarrassment how little he spends on that team. It’s the same every year: the Yankees fill voids by spending insane amounts of money. The same fans complain while their own team’s ownership is swimming in cash and asking their fans to buy into “building the farm system.” “We want homegrown talent” is ownerspeak for “I’m incredibly cheap, but as long as I get the fans to buy into that nonsense they won’t care I’m pulling the profit margin of a pharmaceutical company.” Perhaps they should look there first before screaming about the Yanks – who, by the way, haven’t won a playoff round since 2004. The proven winner is a solid farm system with strategic free agent signings (not that I’m saying the current Yanks are that team, which overpays even its aging, home-grown stars). The 96-00 Yanks thrived on that model, as did the ’07 Red Sox, the Phillies, the White Sox … Meanwhile, the poorer teams’ owners pocket MLB subsidies from the Yankees and teams like the Orioles leave fantastic players like Markakis the only ones to carry a franchise. It’s obscene.

  9. Very juvenile post. Oh and the cancer part was classy. Do you know how terrible it is for someone to have cancer? I would never wish that upon any fellow human being. Your “blog” is about baseball. So your team didn’t get Teixeira. Deal with it. It’s not the end of the world. The Yankees are not guaranteed anything and anything could happen.

  10. I agree with observer. Are you kidding with that? The Yankees signed a first baseman. Get over it.