Water Taxis for the Inauguration

Woodrow Wilson Bridge at night
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I know that you’re probably to the point where if you hear one more piece of Inauguration news, you’ll probably explode, or vomit, or both. It just seems to be all anyone can talk about. We’ll hopefully be doing more counter-programming next week as things ramp up to a fever pitch. But, until then…

They’re going to be doing an Inaugural Water Taxi Service between Alexandria’s Harbor at Union and Cameron, to the SW Waterfront at Pier 4. You can ride in between 6am and 9:15am and then back out after 6pm until 11pm. It’ll set you back $50 for a one-way and $90 for a round-trip, but I suppose that’s a heckuva lot better than trying to get downtown other ways?

They’re putting up a website for launch on Monday morning at InauguralWaterTaxi.com, but unfortunately, it’s just a dead domain until then.

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