Traffic Grows Worse

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‘Typical Beltway traffic’
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I will preface this by saying: it’s possible I’m imagining this. But, in the last two days, I’ve sat in more interminable traffic than I do in the worst moments I’ve lived in DC. Yesterday’s trek into the city, even though I was just coming from inner Arlington, was some of the worst I’ve had ever. Poor Tiff was caught up in the foofaraw around the water main break yesterday, as her office is at 15th and L.

Is it Inauguration making the day-to-day grind of moving around all the worse? Or is it merely a seasonal increase after the largely-easy traffic of the Winter Holidays? Either way, I can’t wait for Thursday next week, after everyone’s gone again.

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5 thoughts on “Traffic Grows Worse

  1. Agreed. Took me two hours in the car to get from Rosslyn to the Zoo Monday morning. Two. whole. hours. Normally, I can do it in 20 – 25 minutes.

  2. I reverse-commute from inner Arlington and have noticed the same thing the last week. Traffic has gotten increasingly heavy early in the morning, both into the city and leaving. I am so glad that I will not have to deal with that mess on Inauguration Day.

  3. I am a reverse commute from 16th & S NW to Tysons. It has been horrible the last 10 days, mostly on the way back in. The water main break did not help at all, but there is something just not right in the city. I am seeing a lot of small construction projects that are adding to it. They are probably filling pot holes or whatever pre-Inauguration.

    Here’s to hoping it will change after the Inauguration week.

  4. With the temps dropping to the 20’s this week, expect a lot more water main breaks. I feel sorry for the people coming here on Tuesday expecting a one day trip and spending a good 10 hours in the cold.

  5. It’s sickening… along with the constant accidents and water main breaks. I think we should hire Snake Plissken to get my commuting ass in and out of D.C. each night. He did NYC and L.A., now it’s time for D.C.!