Are You Safe DC?

Are you safe DC?
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I love cool apps for the iPhone that are out there for our city. The Post’s Going Out Guide, or Open Table or some of the others I’ve played with.

But then I saw Are You Safe DC?. I don’t know quite what to think about this one. Sure, having the crime statistics for your current location can be nice if you’re in an unfamiliar part of the city. And, I applaud the use of open data formats to track and geolocate a specific location, but couldn’t this be taken way too far?

This could be awesome, or it could be used to justify all manner of lame and petty behavior of people to not go into neighborhoods they see as “too dangerous” or “too crime-ridden.” No word on price or availability yet, but with the specific mention of the Inauguration in the page, I’d hope it’s out before Sunday’s concert starts the festivities.

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One thought on “Are You Safe DC?

  1. This app looks awesome. It’s so simple and elegant. Is it only available in D.C.? Hopefully it will be available in NYC soon!