Metro Accident at Gallery Place, Station Closed

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‘Shadowy Figures’
courtesy of ‘Samer Farha’

There’s a hole in the middle of the Red Line today, as a Red Line train struck a passenger at the Gallery Place Chinatown metro station this morning. The woman who was struck is alive and was transported to the hospital immediately thereafter. Gallery Place, however, is now closed, meaning trains are turning around at Metro Center and Judiciary Square, leaving a gaping hole in the middle of the Red Line. More as this becomes available.

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2 thoughts on “Metro Accident at Gallery Place, Station Closed

  1. I am happy to hear she survived. I was on the front car of the train that hit her. The conductor blared the horn, and stopped mid-platform. Then we heard terrible shrieks from people on the platform. They must have witnessed this terrible accident. I am amazed she survived!

  2. Wmata says the train actually did not hit the woman. She fell on the tracks and the train stopped prior to hitting her. She was 68 and was being treated for non-life threatening injuries.