The Scene at Union Station

With most of Union Station’s Grand Hall reserved for tonight’s inaugural ball, and the Metro station and rail concourse already packed to capacity, the crowd entering Union Station had to be divided into Metro, Amtrak, and MARC/VRE riders. Confusion reigned outside as the Columbus Circle road was closed off, forcing people to circle around sidewalks and fences and clumps of National Guard and MPD personnel.

How was it for you?

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One thought on “The Scene at Union Station

  1. Union Station scene was truly horrible in the afternoon. And, I think unnecessarily horrible. Police told us that 2/3 of Union Station was closed by the Secret Service due to an Inauguration Ball and other inauguration events being held there in the evening.

    There was only one entry open for Metro, VRE, MARC, and AMTrack users on a day when all trains were 100% booked! Somebody’s head should role for that bonehead decision. Close 2/3 of the station on a day when hundreds of thousands are converging on (and leaving) the city. Press seems to be buying the transportation authorities spin–went well…. Not for those of us who were trapped for hours outside Union Station.