This Guy’s a Pro

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I went to lunch today at one of my usual spots, and sat down at the bar across the corner from a guy that arrived just before me. He was an older gentleman of indeterminant age, and I watched as Zach poured his drink. It was a pint glass, filled half with ice, and then filled three quarters full or so with rail vodka.

And then I watched the old man drink it in about two to three minutes.

I’m going to repeat that, because it bears repeating. This guy drank about 10oz of vodka. In two to three minutes. Apparently, he’s a regular. Comes in two to three times a day. Always kinda shambles out, looking sober as a judge. Despite having had what amounts to seven shots.

And then I figured: My God. He can’t be alone in this town. Whew. And that’s when I picked up my jaw.

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3 thoughts on “This Guy’s a Pro

  1. Years back, my boyfriend worked at the Tower Records at GW.

    There was a “customer” who came in at least once a week, ambled around the racks for a while, and then sat himself in a listening station with a bottle of Hennesey and a bottle of Sprite. He mixed them up in the Sprite bottle and drank it down.

    Once he made his selections, he would go over to the register and demand the employee discount on account of being an “uncle” to someone who worked there. The clerks obliged every time.

  2. let me assure you: this is a common and daily occurence at most bars in town. the place i frequent has a hairstylist who comes in orders a grey gooze in a pint glass 8-10oz with a splash of cranberry. i have timed him. he drinks it in 3 seconds. not 3 minutes, i said 3 seconds. leaves a $20 and walks out.