School Closures

G Street and 13th
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The Post has a roundup of school closings for today, and all I can come up with is a little bit of, “Really? You closed for this?! Kids today.” Fortunately, DC, Alexandria, and Arlington saw the mere dusting we had at 7am and said, “Dammit kids, you’re going to school today!”

I swear, some counties will close their schools if the weatherman does the snow dance on the nightly news.

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4 thoughts on “School Closures

  1. I agree… coming from Minnesota, this snow is a joke! But better safe than sorry, I guess…

  2. When I was a kid in Reno, NV there had to be at least 2-3 feet of snow on the ground before they would close school. One year they did that and by 11 or 12PM the snow all melted. DC administrators are completely insane and need to get a reality check. Just have delayed starts. I think everyone in this region, federal bureaucracy included will use any excuse for a day off.