Feckless Rodent Thug Holds Spring Hostage

Photo courtesy of
‘Marmota monax’
courtesy of ‘Gilles Gonthier’

A feckless rodent thug, similar to the one pictured above, going by the name of “Punxatawny Phil” is holding Spring hostage in Central Pennsylvania. He declared his verdict in the middle of the town square, with a henchman dressed as a Victorian Era Dandy working as his interpreter. It’s not clear immediately what “P-Phil” wants, or what his minimum offer for the release of Spring will be, but I’m hoping Jack Bauer will take a break from defiling DC Geography to get on this case, immediately.

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4 thoughts on “Feckless Rodent Thug Holds Spring Hostage

  1. That rodent thug is holding spring hostage in Western Pennsylvania. As a Central Pennsylvanian (AKA an Pennsyltuckian), I resent the association with such a Bill Murry-esque place.