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Yesterday’s dramatic finish in Tampa brought a smile to many a face in the DC area yesterday, as DC has become home to many who’ve left Pittsburgh for warmer climes. While at least one Cards fan I know is putting an asterisk on the final result, for the lack of review on the “fumble” on the last play of the game, I’d say it’s a pretty clear victory for the Steelers, and, well, for freedom and puppies, too. So, football is done, and now we’re into the loneliest month in all of Sports: February. Sure, we’ve got the Caps and the Wizards, but it’s awful quiet out there, otherwise. Here we go, into the Recap!

Record: 32-15
Last Two Weeks: 2-2
Place: 1st in the Southeast!

Ovechkin put up a Hat Trick against the Sens last night, his second of the season, as the Caps strung together a pair of wins after a pair of losses. The win against the Red Wings late last week also brought back Defenseman Tom Poti who’d missed 15 games with a groin injury. It’s good to have him back, as he had 5 blocked shots, the most of either squad that night.

The Caps face the surging Devils in New Jersey on Tuesday night in what should definitely be a killer game. The game’s on VS in HD, so check your local listings for a quality game. They’ll face the Kings on Thursday at the Phone Box, followed by the Panthers on Saturday. Tickets are available for both home contests. Get out and see some awesome hockey!

Record: 10-37
Last Two Weeks: 2-5
Place: Still Last.

Well. What is there to say? A win against the slumping Kings was a 50/50 shot, while the win on Saturday against the Clippers was a nice surprise. DC hasn’t had a sports team this bad in quite some time. Arenas is, if he’s smart, staying out all season at this point, and that’ll just about do it for the Wizards. Will they make 20 wins? They’re just beyond the half-way point, and I’d say fair-to-middling they won’t even make a .250 season. Shameful. Just shameful.


Goodbye Gallardo! Take your sorry overpriced self and go on back to Argentina! There’s been near unanimous approval for the split with Gallardo, who was probably the biggest mistake United made last season. Good riddance, and here’s hoping for a better tomorrow. Even if it means the soccer stadium proposal’s dead.

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