A Perfect Opportunity

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‘Taxation Without Representation’
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Tom Daschle’s out at DHHS. Nancy Killefer is out at OMB. Tim Geithner is, apparently, too big to fail at Treasury. All three of them had major problems in their dealings with the IRS. In the first two weeks of President Obama’s tenure in the White House, he seems to have found a bunch of talented people who just can’t pay their taxes.

Now’s the time for DC to rise up and say, “Hey look, we pay our taxes, and we can’t get decent representation, what the hell is going on here?!”

It’d be nice if someone did, anyway.

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One thought on “A Perfect Opportunity

  1. Maybe it’s my dislike of Daschole speaking, but I think Geithner’s flub was more forgivable. I’ve had to pay both halves of social security before and I would NEVER have expected to have to do it when I got a W-2 rather than a 1099.

    Car allowances, on the other hand, have been taxable for over a decade now, which is something that people far below Daschle’s level have been aware of and paying for a long time now.