Ray’s Opens Tonight!


It’s hard for me to say enough good things about Ray’s the Steaks. I’ve been a fan since my very first Cowboy Steak back in 2004. The tiny location in Courthouse, though, is history, replaced by a larger venue that opens tonight in the Navy League Building on Wayne Street between Clarendon and Wilson. I was passing by this afternoon as the wait-staff was meeting in the front of the restaurant. The corner slot across from King Street Blues has a ton of space. I counted no fewer than 40 tables, some as large as 10 people, which means that this place could be a huge success.

No word on what the menu will bring, nor on how the new “limited” phone reservation system will work. I’m hoping for the ability to call in a reservation, and get a nice tasty steak late next week sometime.

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3 thoughts on “Ray’s Opens Tonight!

  1. This has been in the works for quite a while now. The place looked packed last Friday evening, so as a fan of Rays, I’m glad to see it was a well received move.