Weekend Flashback: 2/20 – 2/22/09

Photo courtesy of hpux735
Eisenhower Executive Building, courtesy of hpux735

Despite the chill in the air, the sky was (mostly) agreeable and due to the number of events going on this weekend, you guys were busy! DC Exposed to the Oscars to Kennedy Center concerts to bands to sports professional and not, you guys managed to capture quite the slice of life in our area. Bravo! So here’s a super-sized Flashback for your work-diverting pleasure, after the jump.

Photo courtesy of mp459
IMG_2739, courtesy of mp459

Photo courtesy of Mr. T in DC
Bolt Buses, courtesy of Mr. T in DC

Photo courtesy of deb.smouse
St. Patrick’s Church, courtesy of deb.smouse

Photo courtesy of ehpien
day 52: bokeh calamari, courtesy of ehpien

Photo courtesy of soleil1016
Long line to get in, 7:45pm, courtesy of soleil1016

Photo courtesy of cliff1066
The Council of War, courtesy of cliff1066

Photo courtesy of ashcrowe
Drive-By Truckers, 9:30 Club, 02/20/09, courtesy of ashcrowe

Photo courtesy of MC MasterChef
Cherry Blossom Bombshells, courtesy of MC MasterChef

Photo courtesy of robleto
Greg and Selena and the Ahn Trio, courtesy of robleto

Photo courtesy of farrelley
Capitol Light, courtesy of farrelley

Photo courtesy of hpux735
Turbofan Engine, courtesy of hpux735

Having lived in the DC area for ten years, Ben still loves to wander the city with his wife, shooting lots of photos and exploring all the latest exhibits and galleries. A certified hockey fanatic, he spends some time debating the Washington Capitals club with friends – but everyone knows of his three decade love affair with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

A professional writer, gamer, photographer, and Lego enthusiast, Ben remains captivated by DC and doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon.

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