Prank War Hits Terps Game

This is just a classic prank from the folks at See, last year, Amir managed to prank his friend Jake at Yankee Stadium. Jake and his girlfriend were at a Yankees game and Amir put a fake proposal on the Jumbotron from Jake to his girlfriend. She flipped out, he flipped out, and they ended up breaking up, and Jake ended up getting slapped on the internet for everyone to see.

Last night at the Terps game, Jake got his revenge. He managed to prank Amir in probably just about the most cruel way: he convinced Amir he won a blindfolded half-court shot for $500,000. It’s brilliant.

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4 thoughts on “Prank War Hits Terps Game

  1. Well at least do a little research before writing an article (if that’s what you call this). Jake? Seriously?

  2. Wow… suddenly all those carefully planned pranks back in college seem so small. o,0