Beware of Falling…Overpass?

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Two lanes of Westbound US-50 are closed at Glebe Road because of falling debris from the sidewalk of the Glebe Road overcrossing. Traffic is significantly impacted, according to commenter TheDenverite, who passed through there this morning. VDOT is on the scene and will be doing an inspection shortly to determine the course of action. Staggering closures are expected while they investigate.

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One thought on “Beware of Falling…Overpass?

  1. The lanes inbound towards Rosslyn and Key Bridge were still moving along at about 20 mph, about what you get when there’s an accident on 50 in the morning (gawkers, you suck!), but going outbound it looked like they had it totally closed, with traffic routed as though they were getting off at Glebe and then getting back on afterwards. And of course, news vans were lined up along the south side of the highway.

    I’ll be interested to see what they do about this for the evening commute- and whether the problem requires major repairs!