Stop “Lie To Me” Lies

Dont Lie to Me about Adams Morgan

Don't Lie to Me about Adams Morgan

Continuing the TV shows that feature Washington, DC, I’m watching Lie to Me and I’m finding the show actually lies about DC. In between indoor action scenes, they flash images of DC. Most are spot on, the DC Convention Center for example. While others, not so much.

Note this photo of Adams-Morgan. See anything a miss? I sure do.

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7 thoughts on “Stop “Lie To Me” Lies

  1. What, no one’s figured out why that photo of Adams-Moran is all wrong yet? You people never go in daylight, or just never sober enough to remember?

  2. Besides the green trees and copious amounts of parking space? Or the fact that that’s not Adams Morgan?

  3. I don’t think it’s wrong, it’s just old, taken before the condo/parking garage/retail building popped up, and maybe since some restaurants changed hands.

  4. I was amused by the scene supposedly inside the Natural History Museum. It was definitely not the Smithsonian; pretty sure it was AMNH in New York.

  5. Bingo! Fedward gets the gold star today. He noted that its Adams-Morgan alright, just a few too many years ago.