FBI Raiding OCTO

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‘the very scary but not secret service’, courtesy of ‘spiggycat’

Stay tuned. (Updating with latest info first.)

3:05 Update: Segraves is reporting now that the White House knew about the raid before it went off this morning. Well, that’s good news I suppose.

11:56 Update: According to WTOP, both men are being held on bribery charges. At this time, there seems to be no link between them and former CTO Kundra. If anything further pops up, we’ll let you know.

11:40 Update: OCTO employee Private contractor Sushil Bansal has been arrested now. Bansal is the CEO of the Advanced Integrated Technologies Corporation, which was awarded two contracts last year worth a total of $350,000.

11:05 Update: WaPo is reporting that Yusuf Acar was arrested at his home this morning in connection with a federal bribery sting. Acar serves as an information systems security officer in the D.C. government and worked for Vivek Kundra, the District’s CTO. Kundra recently became President Obama’s federal chief information officer.

Officers are still pretty tight-lipped about the raid, saying that the case “is  under seal.”

10:45 Update: Seems the FBI is leaving the CTO’s office now, with two large equipment boxes. Unknown if they’re full of any evidence. They’re also searching the 10th floor of OJS as well as the 9th floor office of OCTO. More FBI agents have arrived to assist with the search.

Still unknown just what they’re looking for, or why they’re there.

I follow WTOP’s Mark Seagraves on Twitter. And imagine my surprise at the following tweets, posted less than 30 minutes ago:

The FBI is searching the office of the DC Chief Technology Officer

Employees being sent home

Fbi says part of ongoing investigation

Police are asking me to leave the octo floor. I told them im not moving

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2 thoughts on “FBI Raiding OCTO

  1. I look on the bright side, there may be an InfoSec position opening up in the DC CTO office…

    But seriously, yeah, this wasn’t good. I actually applied to the same position Vivek did way back when it was open 2-3 years ago. I guess it’ll be interesting to see who wants to fill it now.