701 Owner Responds to Credit Card Thefts

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Ashok Bajaj, owner of 701 Restaurant, is responding to the stories about credit card thefts at several area restaurants, including 701. Mr. Bajaj explains, via an email sent to patrons this evening, that he goes to great lengths to hire good staff, but that despite that, these thefts still occured:

I would like to personally assure you of my commitment and my staff’s commitment to protect our guests. Please know that my approach to business is one of creating the highest level of service, value and standards. We strive to hire employees who abide by the superior standards of professionalism and integrity established by our restaurant group. We also perform due diligence on all candidates including reference checks before hiring them. Unfortunately, despite our high standards and due diligence in hiring restaurant personnel, the screening process is not fail proof.

While there’s no promise of further diligence, or that they’re cooperating with the Police as part of an on-going investigation, that’s probably more for PR reasons, than anything else. So, watch your credit cards, folks, when you’re dining out. As if we all didn’t have enough to worry about.

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