Maryland Students, Legislators Still Tussling over Film

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I figured after the Maryland Legislature threatened not to fund U-MD for next year, the screening of Pirates 2 was all over but the crying (and the mopping, and the disinfecting), but that appears to not be the case. Apparently a group of students is intending to hold a screening anyway, and hold a free speech discussion before the movie. Of course, that means the legislators who threatened to withhold funding are doing so again.

I’ll give you one guess which party they belong to.

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One thought on “Maryland Students, Legislators Still Tussling over Film

  1. Great picture choice, though for accuracy sake you should have found one made of silicone. (Though silicone parts are made for toys)

    Sadly there’s not a complete monopoly on baloney moralizing in just one party though it does seem like one’s leading the race to the bottom…