Flaming Lips On the Mall

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courtesy of ‘Tank Tankersley’

The lineup for Sunday’s Green Apple Music Festival concert on the Mall is now out, and the Flaming Lips will be headlining. DJ Spooky and Los Lobos will also be there, as well as a bunch of Earth-focused stars like Matthew Modine and Chevy Chase. The concert’s free, and starts around noon.

One interesting piece, though, is that it’s partially sponsored by Classic Rock 94.7….which is now no longer all about the classic rock, and is now Fresh 94.7FM which is more like “greatest hits of the popped collar crowd,” which might not be a good sponsor for Los Lobos and Flaming Lips.

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2 thoughts on “Flaming Lips On the Mall

  1. Um, you forgot the best band… moe. duh.

    Also, I’ve seen the Lips. They don’t put on the most eco-conscious show, with giant balloons, confetti, giant screen, etc. But they do put on a damn good show.