Chef Donna Closes Bebo Trattoria

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‘Bebo Trattoria’
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Noooooooooo! Tom Sietsema is reporting that Bebo Trattoria has closed, as it had lost about 40% of their business this year so far. That means that the DC area is without a Roberto Donna eatery until he can reopen Galileo in the old Butterfield 9 location.

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6 thoughts on “Chef Donna Closes Bebo Trattoria

  1. Sop this must be why they still had christmas decorations up in March. I can’t say I’m sad. Bebo had **super crap service**, even if the food was yummy.

  2. I’m with KatieT here. The food I had on my one and only visit was really fantastic; the service was the absolute worst I have ever received in any restaurant, ever.

    No doubt the closing will be spun that it has to do with the recession. I think the reality is enough people got burned (because I know that Katie and I are not the only ones) that they’d run out of a customer base willing to suffer.

  3. Yeah, I understand that service went way downhill since the last time I was there about a year ago. Here’s hoping the new Galileo won’t suffer from the same problem.

  4. Recession or not, there is a reason that richard and wiedmaier are the new kings of dc cuisine. donna has jumped the shark due to his own ineptitude and overinflated ego. enough said.

  5. @Greg, I can find plenty of pizza and pasta in this city without having to wait 20 minutes to even get acknowledged. No loss.

    @Radman, so funny – I was just having a conversation about Wiedmaier taking over DC. He might take a break before opening anything new, right? Wise, you are.