Bicycles and Love Poems

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‘Tennessee Tandem Rally 2008’
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Love and zipping along on a bicycle–the two concepts are easy to connect on beautiful days like this.

Poet Nikki Giovanni had a slightly different idea in mind with her latest collection, Bicycles: Love Poems, titled so “because love requires trust and balance.” She’ll be discussing her works next Thursday, April 30, at 6:30 p.m. at the Busboys and Poets at 5th and K.

Maybe it’ll put you in the mood to make a date with a special someone and your two-wheeled friends for a weekend spin or Bike to Work Day, coming up on Friday, May 15th. Just try not to swoon all over the road, okay?

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2 thoughts on “Bicycles and Love Poems

  1. Woohoo! I just took my bike to the shop this afternoon for a badly needed tune-up. I should have it back Monday, in time to see if I can bike somewhere to work that day!

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