Jinx The Penguins, Cook A Bird

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‘Tux, what happened to you?’
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In an effort to 1) jinx the Penguins tonight, 2) give the Caps some extra karma and 3) fill our bellies with deliciousness, I hereby decree Monday, May 11 as Cook A Bird, Save The Caps Day.  While yes, a chicken is not the same as a penguin, it’s the closest avian relative that we DCers have access to, so it will have to suffice.  Suggestions for commemorating this day after the jump.

Get your inner Penguin aggression out by breaking down a whole bird.

Or perhaps viciously bite into an Authentic Pollo Panini, every time Crosby touches the puck at Cleveland Park Bar & Grill?  Or follow this awesome chicken nugget video recipe while cursing Fleury beneath your teeth?   If you’re a veggie and want to join the fun, mash some eggs into deviled eggs!  Whatever you go with, be sure to focus your energy and thoughts on tonight’s game and bringing the series back to DC for a final rematch.  Go Caps!

*** No chicken were harmed during the writing of this blog piece.

Rebecca Johnson

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4 thoughts on “Jinx The Penguins, Cook A Bird

  1. Or, if you like the tactics used by the Carolina Hurricanes, you can try to break your opponents faces with cheap-shot punches after the whistle blows to stop play. This is especially effective since it seems the NHL won’t actually suspend you for breaking a guys orbital bone with such a punch, just slap you with an easily paid fine.

    (Yes, I’m very angry about that little performance)

  2. I am a big fan of Thomas Keller’s chicken recipe, which essentially amounts to:

    Take a raw chicken & truss it, salt & pepper the skin, roast for 40-50min and then put thyme in the drippings and baste it.

    NOMTACULAR, and it’s good for destroying those dirty birds from PGH.

  3. Um, there is pretty strong evidence that the NHL will punish that Capitals for that sort of thing.

  4. It worked! Wednesday we’ll up the game by taking on turkey, quail and pheasant. Don’t want to go with duck, that would be jinxing the wrong team.