Thousands of Nerds Cried Out…

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‘Google Business Card’
courtesy of ‘TwisterMc’

…and then as one, were silenced.

It seems Google is down in spots up and down the Eastern Seaboard, with our agents in the West reporting no difficulty, while DC suffers without Gmail, Google Talk, and even Google Searches. People, I am going into withdrawal here, I’m actually having to figure stuff out on my own. This is just simply unacceptable!

Are you jonesin’ for a fix? Or are you being productive today without the distractions of yore?

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4 thoughts on “Thousands of Nerds Cried Out…

  1. My sites are borked due to GA not loading. But, more importantly, I can’t get to my gmail and I can’t google random crap to amuse myself.

    *hand to forehead* Woe is me! Woe is me!

  2. Seriously, it’s scary how reliant we are on technology. TOO reliant. I can’t imagine what would happen if say the nation’s power grid were to go down one day.

  3. It currently works for me. We’ll see what happens when the outage takes our mail down. :)