New Metro Station?

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WTOP’s Adam Tuss is reporting that MoCo councilman Roger Berliner (District 1) is proposing an in-fill Metro station on the Red Line, preferably between Grosvenor and White Flint. His reasoning? The upcoming renovations and new construction in White Flint that is expected to transform the area into “a new urbanism model.”

Berliner believes the growth of the area, as well as the BRAC expansion at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, warrants a long-term investment look at putting in a new Red Line station.

Metro leaders are skeptical of the plan. What do you think? Is this a councilman’s pipe dream or a legitimate future expansion of our most heavily-traveled line?

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2 thoughts on “New Metro Station?

  1. I lived up at Shady Grove for over a year when I first moved to DC… I never really saw any real reason for something else up there in that area, it seemed pretty well covered to me. Remember that with Rockville Pike right there, there’s a lot of bus lines going through there.

    Waste of time and money, I’d have to say.