Disney in Maryland?

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A 15-acre parcel near National Harbor will be the site of Disney’s next resort hotel. The hotel will sit on Oxon Hill Road not far from the site of the Gaylord resort. The $11-million dollar parcel seems an odd choice in this economy, but would house a 500-room luxury hotel amongst a cluster of other large hotels at National Harbor. While designs and construction timetables won’t be available for some time to come, it’s clear that National Harbor will be rivaling the downtown Convention Center for business in the years to come. This would, though, bring a number of new jobs to Prince George’s County, both as part of the length construction phase, and then to the hospitality sector.

But, will it look like a hotel? Or maybe look like Cinderella’s Castle? I’m hoping for the latter, as it would counterbalance the oddly-amusement-park-esque Mormon Temple on the northern side of the Beltway…

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One thought on “Disney in Maryland?

  1. At the risk of rumor-mongering, this makes me think of that Disney’s America project that got scrapped some 15 years ago or so.