Just a Reminder: Don’t Drive Through Standing Water

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‘Pipeline burst’
courtesy of ‘ECU Digital Collections’

The rain this morning has been significant so far, with a flash flood warning in place until 11:30 this morning. Several cars got stuck this morning after driving through standing water and shorting their engine. Folks, if the spark plugs can’t make the gas in the cylinders explode, your car will rapidly lose locomotion and you’re not going to be able to restart the vehicle. So, really, don’t drive through standing water. Unless you want to get stuck in the rain on Rhode Island Ave waiting for a tow truck driver who will probably laugh at you, like several folks did this morning.

National Airport’s weather station is reporting an inch and a half of rain in the last twenty-four hours, but I’ve been hearing totals as high as 2-3″ of precip, so this is a pretty soaking event, and we’re due showers all day. So, drive careful DC.

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