DC is #3 City

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‘Washington Monument – East View – 7-15-08’
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Kiplinger’s has named DC the 3rd Best City in 2009, just behind #2 Albuquerque and #1 Huntsville (really guys? Huh?). It all comes down to job growth, income growth and housing, it seems. With the government here, and with all the associated business related to the government, we’re picking up jobs, and picking up stimulus funding and growth.

They also talk a lot about the tourist economy, but the best of it all? “One drawback to Washington’s popularity: No matter the time, day of the week, starting point or destination, you will hit traffic. Try the Metrorail and buses instead of driving. Just remember: On Metro escalators, you stand on the right and walk on the left.”

Bout time that message got out to the masses…

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2 thoughts on “DC is #3 City

  1. Hey don’t knock my home state – Huntsville is pretty booming with tech and aerospace engineering.