“DC” Group Wants Marriage Referendum

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A group calling itself “Stand 4 Marriage D.C.” (the substitution of the number in exchange for a three letter word is really what makes them jerks. That is, unless they want polygamy? I’m so confused.) has requested the paperwork necessary to start a referendum in the District on the subject of marriage. They’ll need 21,000 signatures of registered DC Voters in order to get the question on the ballot, which could come as soon as this Fall.

Who’s behind this? Marylanders. Bishop Harry Jackson of Beltsville is powering this new group, and is acting as its spokesman. What’s not clear, though, is how he thinks he’ll be able to get around the DC provision that referendums can’t violate the Human Rights Act, which this would likely fall under. The 180 day clock for those signatures started yesterday, after which the referendum petition must be reviewed by the Board of Elections before it could go on a ballot.

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2 thoughts on ““DC” Group Wants Marriage Referendum

  1. Don’t be so afraid of what the people want, it’s worked pretty well since…well, for centuries.

  2. Sadly a majority of people don’t educate themselves about an issue before they decide what they “want.” They allow 30 second promos, based on biased information, stereotypes and totally false assumptions, make their decisions for them.