Burger Beat: Obama at Five Guys

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First it was Ray’s Hell Burger, now it’s the Five Guys over by Nats Park, according to Mark Knoller of CBS:

“Obama’s lunch order: one cheeseburger and one fries for me. lemme get the jalapenos and tomatoes and mustard. “thats it for me.””

He bought lunch for some of his entourage, and Brian Williams of NBC paid his own way. So, Michelle Obama’s been to Good Stuff, The President has been to Ray’s Hell Burger and now to Five Guys. Can we suggest Palena in Cleveland Park, Mr. President, for date night?

(Seriously though, no one gave a shit what President Bush ate, and we’re all suddenly fawning all over ourselves because the President likes a good hamburger. Has news gone too far? Are we really just that obsessed with the guy? It’s kinda like stalking in some weird, peculiar and yet somehow completely awesome way. I just like that the President’s leaving the White House once in a while to engage with the city around him. That’s pretty awesome in and of itself.)

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15 thoughts on “Burger Beat: Obama at Five Guys

  1. What town did the potatoes come from? That is essential information posted at every Five Guys every day.

    Rigby, Moses Lake, Pasco. We want to know.

  2. I imagine the Five Guys over in Boynton Beach, Fla., will be jam-packed over this headline. Of course, since I’m the only one around here for miles with political bumper stickers, probably not.;)

    Where will he go next? *squee and swoon!*

    Thus concludes BurgerWatch 2009. *eyeroll*

  3. No, I think John is right. People would’ve paid attention, but the Bushes just didn’t go out. I think they may have gone to Mexican place in NoVa once in the early part of the first administration.

  4. I second what John said…apparently Obama has gone out to more DC restaurants already than Bush did in his entire tenure. Don’t quote me on that. The Bush’s did not like DC and got away (to Crawford, or Maine) as often as possible. I wonder if there’s a geographic stimulus plan going on with the restaurant visits? The Obama’s seem to be hitting a wide spread around the city and suburbs. It’s nice to have a first family that really lives here.

  5. What John and Mike said. After eight years of a president never went out and did non-work-related things in the city, it’s a real change to have a president who wants to be part of the group who says… wait for it… We Love DC.

  6. Whatever it is, I’m just happy we can see the man about town, that the leader of the free world can be a part of his city, and not just stand atop it.

  7. I live SOOO close to that Five Guys. Of course, this happens on the one day that I’m not in town. Would have been fun to be close by.

  8. Good for him– this may help 5Guys shake off the karma of a few weeks ago!! Way to go Prez. . .

  9. I was there at the Five Guys when Obama showed up. He ended up tipping 10$. Not a bad tipper! Well over the 20% required :)

  10. I agree- its cool to have a commander-in-chief who actually lives here with us, rather than closing off the outside world the way Bush did.

    Of course, I don’t entirely blame Bush for hiding behind closed doors after the way things went for him… I don’t know if I’d go out in public either with his ratings.