Welcome to DC, We Hope You Like Drugs

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Okay, imagine twenty of your DC coworkers or friends.

Five to ten of them get absolutely blitzed on the weekend. Two or three of them smoke weed. One of them uses Cocaine. Don’t call me Kreskin, I swear, it’s Science, there’s a graph and everything.

Yep, here in DC, apparently to go with everything else, we like to get high (5th in the nation), go crazy on coke (1st in the Nation, Marion would be so proud.) and get plowed playing flipcup. Just remember that before you head out tonight. The shuddering stops eventually, too. Even if you figured it was the mail room guy.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to DC, We Hope You Like Drugs

  1. Highest *of the 51 states*. Of course we do. We’re the only entirely urbanized [non]state.

  2. This survey is all wrong – those numbers don’t add up to at least 20. Everyone gets blitzed on the weekend (even dads with kids) and the numbers should be 20+ as some folks double and triple dip into the party bag. Like beer + pot, a goto in my hood.

  3. Tom, if you wanted me to share my weed and coke with you, you could have asked nicely instead of writing this piece. Now everyone knows.