Eleanor Holmes Norton: Voting Rights Can Wait

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Mike DeBonis (Loose Lips of the City Paper) has the news that Eleanor Holmes Norton is killing this year’s Voting Rights Bill, mostly thanks to the inability of Steny Hoyer to get his party in line over the removal of the Ensign amendment. The Voting Rights Bill may come back in another Congress, but for now it remains a continuing elusive dream for the District of Columbia.

The Ensign amendment, designed to remove all of the District’s current firearms registration laws and revert to the Federal standards, was transformed into a national referendum by the NRA, who promised to grade legislators on their vote. With political pressure weighing on centrist Democrats who support 2nd amendment rights, the Ensign amendment passed handily and put a boat anchor on the bill. Unable to remove it in Conference, Congresswoman Norton has requested that the Bill be tabled until some time in the future.

If you’d like to register your displeasure, you can contact the office of Senator John Ensign, below. Perhaps we can arrange for a mail-in campaign where we send him something to symbolize the disenfranchisement of the District on a Federal Level?

Senator John Ensign, Nevada
119 Russell Senate Building
Washington, D.C. 20510
Phone: (202) 224-6244

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4 thoughts on “Eleanor Holmes Norton: Voting Rights Can Wait

  1. This is ridiculous. She has been in Congress for almost 2 decades with only one job to do. Honestly I don’t care about the gun amendment. We deserve our right to vote. She should push this through.

  2. “If you’d like to register your displeasure, you can contact the office of Senator John Ensign, below. “

    What if I’d like to register my displeasure with Delegate Norton? I don’t have a problem with the amendment; in fact, I favor it.