Real World DC is now Official

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‘Real World DC House’
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MTV seems to be late to their own party. Today, after days of buzz about the Real World, and where its house would be, MTV has confirmed that Real World 2010 will be filmed in DC this summer. If you’re shocked, still, perhaps someone nearby will get you some smelling salts. MTV is promising “from sexy hook-ups to blood-boiling fights,” which has me looking for the nearest bucket to vomit in.

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13 thoughts on “Real World DC is now Official

  1. The press release said “from sexy hookup to blood boiling fights about the cancun season not DC. It said that DC would be completey different from Cancun (ie with real issues a throwback season).
    You sure suck for being somewhat of a media journalist.

  2. Oh sorry, James, I didn’t realize the Real World was ever different between seasons. I forgot that since this is DC, we don’t fuck or have fights.

    My bad.

  3. We should find a person willing to hook up with said co-eds and then take bets on which disease they’ll get!

  4. Perhaps it’s time I found my Hooked on Phonics DVDs and got reacquainted with the English language.

    You have made me see the error my ways.

  5. Ugh. Not excited about this at all. Any idea where in DC the house will be? I need to steer clear from that area.

  6. Dang. Well, luckily those types are usually nocturnal. I doubt anything exciting will happen while I’m in the neighborhood.

  7. Whatever. How bad could this actually be? You all know you’re going to watch it anyways…

  8. Kirk, it’s not just the co-eds that have diseases. They have to get them from somewhere.

    Wait – did we just say co-eds? What is this? The 1960’s?

  9. It all just seems to redundant to come to DC to set up a house with self-centered people with questionable priorities having ill-advised sex and reacting to each other with drama and vitrol while the rest of the outside world either doesn’t notice what they do or watches them as a spectacle.

    And as far as this claim that I’m going to watch it anyway, I actually didn’t realize they still did the Real World. It seems almost quaint with so much of network tv being reality shows now…