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2K Sports has unofficially announced that Caps left winger and superstar Alex Ovechkin will be on the cover of NHL 2K10. The official announcement will be on Tuesday.

The company is hosting a motion capture session in Las Vegas next week, where the public can watch Ovechkin and Vancouver Canucks centerman Ryan Kesler wear motion capture suits and pull off their moves at an outdoor rink. If you’re in Sin City, the event is free at Ceasar’s Palace from 8-11 pm.

Alex’s response says it all: “It’s a good time to be Ovi!”

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4 thoughts on “Covering Ovechkin

  1. That’s cool, but out of curiosity, does the NHL 2K series have an equivalent of the “Madden Curse” for players that appear on the Cover?

  2. Not that I’m aware of. I think for a while the EA one had an ‘injury’ or ‘points curse’ to it, but I don’t think the NHL2K series does.

  3. Trying not to rub salt in the wound with this article Ben. Show your true colors. GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Matt A: I’m a hockey fan, and a Penguins fan. Besides, with Malkin taking the Conn Smythe, he’ll most likely grace EA’s NHL 2010 cover. Which will again spark competition between these two…