Ovechkin, MVP

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‘Alex Ovechkin’
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Congratulations to Alex Ovechkin on his second straight Hart Trophy as Most Valuable Player in the NHL. Ovechkin also picked up the Pearson and Richard trophies, as well, each for the second year running. Ovi had a seriously amazing season, Game 7 of the Quarterfinals notwithstanding, and we’re certainly glad to have him here in DC. Way to go, Ovi!

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One thought on “Ovechkin, MVP

  1. Deservedly so. Nothing against his competition for the award, but if you take (for example) Malkin away from the Penguins, they still have Crosby, and still have the ability to make life hell for an opposing goalie. Lose Ovie, and the Caps are sunk- they’re not a bad team, but he’s the gear that makes everything else work. There’s just no comparison.

    As a side note, congrats to Tim Thomas of the Bruins for being the Vezina winner this year- funny to think back a few short years to when he was ready to be run out of town as just another flash-in-the-pan goalie to be booted out of town, like Andrew Raycroft, or Jim Carey, or a dozen or so others… which reminds me, HEY CAPS, LOOK INTO MANNY FERNANDEZ THIS OFFSEASON.