Fenty on the Death Toll Count Problems

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Mayor Fenty, in the Tuesday morning news conference at the site of the Metro crash, cited a figure of 7 dead, a number that had been reported by all the media earlier in the morning as 9 dead. Now, we have an explanation from the mouth of the Mayor, saying that all of the media was wrong, and that only he could’ve known the truth. I’m not sure that I believe him here. If the media had been reporting 10 dead, and only 7 ever died in the incident, perhaps, but with 9 being the final death toll, and the media got 9 from somewhere, this seems a little odd to me.

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One thought on “Fenty on the Death Toll Count Problems

  1. Wow…it is painful listening to him talk.

    Seems odd that the media got the number correct. That number must of come from somewhere. I’m also sure the mayor wasn’t standing by the train the entire morning.