We Love Weekends: July 4-5

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Katie: Since this weekend starts on Thursday, my friends and I decided to celebrate with a fancy girl’s night out to one of the bars I wrote about in my Rooftop Bar Guide post a while back. It’ll be fantastic to get all of us together since we’re usually so busy! Then for the 4th I’m headed to a backyard barbecue at Jasmine’s, where I’m whipping up one of my signature party dishes, Roasted Tomato, Basil and Goat Cheese spread with basil that I’ve victoriously growing myself. (And have somehow managed to not kill yet!) Add in some quality pool time, a visit to my neighborhood farmer’s market and some quality relaxation, and I’ve got myself the absolute perfect 4th of July weekend.

Tiff: With my employer having recently moved back in to our newly-renovated headquarters on the Mall, we’ll actually be attending the company Fourth of July party. Usually I prefer to do my weekend and holiday socializing with friends and family rather than coworkers, but any time I can watch the fireworks on the Mall in a location with a 6th floor balcony, air conditioning, clean bathrooms, and parking, I feel obliged to check that out. Lots of the government agencies in the immediate Mall area take advantage of their prime fireworks-watching location to throw parties like this; if you or any of your nearest and dearest have access to one of these events, they’re worth attending.

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Ben Rome: Since our relocation to the area now four years ago, we’ve attended a friend’s annual BBQ over in Fairfax County. Usually we’d head over to Lee District Park to watch the fireworks from a nearby parking lot, but since those have been shut down due to safety concerns and construction, we may end up caravaning down to Lake Fairfax Park. This is the only fireworks presentation by the Fairfax County Park Authority, and they’re planning on a doozy this year. For those of you who’re goofy historyphiles like me, you may want to head out to Chantilly and the “Let Freedom Ring” program at the Sully Historic Site, where you can affix your own John Hancock with a quill pen to a ‘declaration of celebration.’ Not quite the awesomeness of the Declaration of Independance, but the crowds at the Archives are notoriously long and large.

Jenn: This weekend, it’s all about rest and relaxation. I’m going to spend a blissful afternoon being pampered at Celadon Day Spa, then Friday night I’ll check out the opening of H Street’s newest crazy bar, Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar, where AlterEgo will be rocking out gothabilly style (wait, that’s not restful!). Then Saturday maybe I’ll hit the pool at the Capitol Skyline Hotel for BYT’s Summer Camp and end up later at a private grill party to watch the fireworks in style. This is a lot of activity. Maybe I’ll have to go back to Celadon and repeat the relaxation on Sunday…

Acacia: Acacia: I thought I would stay in DC for the fourth, I really did. Until today, when I decided to defect to spend a quiet long weekend with my family in Upstate New York. If I weren’t going, though, I would be choosing between bar-b-ques and special events, such as The Adult Swim Pool Party on the roof of The Liason Hotel on Sunday. I had really hoped to cheer on the Washington Freedom, DC’s women’s professional soccer team, as they host the LA Sol at the Maryland Soccerplex on July 5, but I suppose I’ll have to catch them in their next match at RFK on the 18th instead.

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Nathan: This weekend seems to be coming faster than I can even think about. I’ve got a few things lined up in my life, namely finally seeing the fireworks in D.C., after four years of living here, it seems like it’d only be appropriate. Other than a long day on the Mall on Saturday, I’m catching the punk melodies and frenetic live motions of one Jay Reatard at the Black Cat on Sunday. Outside of that, my life will probably consist of writing, sleeping, tennis and probably a cookout or two. I’m lame.

Jasmine: 4th of July weekend is going to be pretty chill for me, including spending the entirety of Friday poolside. On Saturday, some friends and I are going to grill out in my backyard and figure out how to throw a frisbee without putting our drinks down. I do have some things to celebrate (besides this country’s independence, of course), so there is a distinct possibility that I could bring my happy dance to Blisspop at the 9:30 Club on Friday night or DJ Regal, Fort Knox Five, and All Good Funk Alliance at Black Cat after fireworks on Saturday.

Kirk: Cookouts, cookouts, cookouts, that is my weekend. I’m thinking I may head over to the Butcher’s Block on King St. in Alexandria to pick up something unusual to grill up. Rabbit? Duck? We’ll see what they have to offer. Variety is, after all, the spice of life. Combine that with decent prices and there’s no reason for me to go to the local grocery for ground beef.

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Shannon: I’m heading down to North Myrtle Beach for a long weekend to escape the hordes of tourists that stand on the left on Metro escalators and block the Metro doors with their strollers (hasn’t anyone learned anything from our Tourist Tips?). If you’re sticking around the city, I’d recommend avoiding the Mall and instead watching the fireworks from a rooftop or one of these less crowded vantage points.

Liam: Us DC residents get our fill of tourists during the spring and summer as it is, and henceforth, I am skee-daddling out of the District for this, the most touristy time of year for our town. Were I here, however, there’s some cool stuff I’d do like grabbing some free fro-yo from Yogen Fruz on 14th St, then stroll down to Constitution to check out the National Independence Day Parade. Alternatively, I”d prob try and scoop tickets to the Tiger Woods AT&T Invitational at Congressional. At night, I would probably try to take a fireworks cruise, because although it can be pricey, it’s something new and not likely as crowded as checking them out from the mall or any other “free” spot. Of course, those of you who like it cheap can always just scope out a spot on the mall and watch for free…..either way, have a Happy 4th!

Donna: I likely will spend one morning this weekend zipping through the countryside on a bicycle with the Potomac Pedalers, and hope to score some fresh berries from one of the many farmers markets. I also plan to check out the Mall fireworks from a new location near the Air Force Memorial, those giant tentacles in the sky.

Rebecca: As I’m dogsitting for the weekend, I’ll be taking the pooch on long walks along the C&O Canal throughout the weekend. If you go early enough in the morning, you get the feeling of how peaceful and bucolic DC can be. For Independence Day, I’ll be at a house party where we’ll be playing cornhole and chowing on grub from Arlington’s Red, Hot & Blue. More cornbread please! Yum! We’ll most likely watch the fireworks, sans musical accompaniment, from the Key Bridge. The great thing about the 4th falling on a Saturday is that you have an entire day to recover and relax from the birth of our nation festivities. Therefore mimosas and brunch will definitely be in order at Town Hall in Glover Park, where you enjoy brioche french toast or endless amounts of toppings on your burger.

I live and work in the District of Columbia. I write at We Love DC, a blog I helped start, I work at Technolutionary, a company I helped start, and I’m happy doing both. I enjoy watching baseball, cooking, and gardening. I grow a mean pepper, keep a clean scorebook, and wash the dishes when I’m done. Read Why I Love DC.

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  1. Katie, so glad you’re like the tomato, basil and goat cheese spread. I love that recipe! Fun finding this blog too; I used to go to DC five times a year for work, and really miss it now that I don’t go any more.