Chief Lanier Thinks Your iPhone is Cowardly

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‘Do You Slow for Speed Cameras?’
courtesy of ‘Wayan Vota’

Do you use one of the iPhone or GPS applications to watch out for speed cameras? If so, Chief Lanier thinks you’re cowardly for doing so. How dare you deprive the city of its hard-earned ticket revenues?

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4 thoughts on “Chief Lanier Thinks Your iPhone is Cowardly

  1. Only in DC, can the police chief call residents cowardly for avoiding automated computers, designed to make the jobs of police officers easier.

    //speeds off…
    ///slows down to 30…
    ////speeds back up.

  2. Does anyone have experience with these said iPhone apps? If so, which ones are worth buying/downloading?

  3. I believe the notorious app here uses data from a website that you can check from a normal browser. So – assuming the app isn’t complete garbage – you can determine how worthwhile it is from your desk before committing to the app cost.