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It’s that blissed out season of grilling, ya’ll. Nothing says summer quite like a beer in one hand and a pair of tongs in the other. Our cute neighbor regularly busts out his gas grill, straps on his “Virginia is For Lovers” apron, and makes me jealous while whipping up steaks out on his fancy grill. I get all envious of his style and his yummy smelling food.

My nutritionist, Danielle Omar, of Fairfax, Virginia sent out her newsletter today and included some super helpful tips on grilling from local catering Chef Oliver Friendly of Eat & Smile foods. A few of them were surprises to me (especially coming from my nutritionist) – over-salt your meat and use canola oil instead of olive oil in your marinades. For more tips on grilling, check out her blog. Furthermore, nothing beats a perfect and convenient outdoor grilling than finding the right grilling equipment like those popular grills for propane gas. Overall it is still a matter of style and the love for cooking that makes an excellent grilled food.

But that made me wonder (Carrie Bradshaw style) – what are your grilling tips? Favorite recipes? Favorite foods on the grill? Leave it in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “All Up On Your Grill

  1. Corn on the cob, in the husk! Love that stuff grilled. Or steak. Or burgers. Oh man everything is awesome! Too bad I don’t own a grill!

  2. My secret steak tip: rub on congealed bacon fat before salting/peppering. All the wonderful flavor of bacon wrapping without the fuss. Also key, buying prime cuts from the union meat guys at eastern market.

  3. Be sure to check out Weber’s new video series “Weber Grill Master”. Grilling experts Jamie Purviance and Steven Raichlen compare notes on grilling techniques, what inspired these classically trained chefs to pursue the art of cooking with live fire, and find out what led to their biggest grilling mistakes.