Too Many Tomatoes?

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‘Double Red Ripe Tomatoes’
courtesy of ‘Wayan Vota’

Many of us have been there — gardens gone wild, and produce galore. There’s a reason someone invented zucchini bread.

If your garden groweth over, give your extras to hungry families through the Arlington Food Assistance Center. Or plant an extra row for them from the start through the cleverly named Plot Against Hunger.

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3 thoughts on “Too Many Tomatoes?

  1. I’ve had a bear of a time with my tomatoes, with a lot of fruit with bottom rot, thanks to the extra wet year. Kojo just had a piece on late blight today. Very interesting segment.

  2. We’ve got two healthy cherry tomato plants that are just now bearing fruit and fortunately, these don’t bear fruit below the 8″ mark so no rot for us! Totally looking forward to these…

  3. I have so many tomatoes… I am over them by now. Tomato soup, pasta sauce, fried, and tonight’s choice – grilled with egg inside. And that’s it for me. All the rest of my toms are gifted from here on out.