Film to Highlight DC Community Gardens

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‘Great Lettuce Harvest of 2009’
courtesy of ‘Wayan Vota’

An area filmmaker is now editing a documentary on seven community gardens in DC — and the people who tend, love, and learn from them.

The film will explore the role of these gardens not only as sources of fresh, nutritious food, but as outdoor classrooms, places of healing, centers of social interaction, and oases of beauty and calm in inner-city neighborhoods.

Already there’s a long and heartwarming trailer that shows all the good that playing in the dirt and growing your own food can bring. You can see it on the newly launched Community of Gardeners Web site.

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One thought on “Film to Highlight DC Community Gardens

  1. Last I checked, the “million-dollar dumpster corner” was still just that–there’s been a sign promising a community garden for years, it seems, but no actual movement in that direction. Perhaps that’s addressed in the movie, though.