Drama Mama Kate Gosselin Moving to Rockville

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‘2008 10 11 – Rockville – Gibbs St N2’
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Unlike pretty much the whole world, I could not give a crap about Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I had never even heard of the show before Jon and Kate decided they’d rather live apart than together with their eight kids. But, apparently, like a never-ending string of plagues, she’s moving to Rockville. First the Interns, then Real World DC, now Kate Gosselin?

I thought the Obama Administration was supposed to rejuvenate DC, not be a douchebag magnet. C’mon Mr. President, can’t you do something about this? The Nation demands its Capitol be a GOOD place to live.

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5 thoughts on “Drama Mama Kate Gosselin Moving to Rockville

  1. Sadly the plague of douchebags is a symptom of rejuvenation. If the douchebags feel safe and eager to be in the city, then the rejuvenation is working.