Kwame Brown Live-tweets Budget Gap Hearing

Kwame Brown

Usually we get the best DC Council livetweets from Mike “Loose Lips” DeBonis, but today, we’re getting them right from Councilman Kwame Brown, who tweeted during today’s budget meeting as the council worked through the last of the $50M imbalance:

  • Sales tax increase rejected
  • Parking tax increase still barely hanging on
  • If you smoke. Your (sic) paying more. Increase tax likely.
  • Small cigar tax look very likely
  • Job traing for DC residents still in budget. Good possibly of increase. Time to help those in the most need.
  • 2 automobile tax died rightfully so! Families deserve to not be taxed for having 2 cars.
  • I’m very proud of how Chairman Gray has conducted the budget reduction processes.
  • Do you want you property taxes raised? Even if it cost 50 to 100 extra dollars?
  • Would you mind paying more for a glass of wine?

The answer to the questions at the end is, “That Depends,” both on how the money is collected, what it’s used for, and whether this is temporary or permanent. It’s nice to see some of this as it happens.

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