Trade Deadline Today

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The Nationals face their fifth trade deadline today at 4pm, and the latest on the trade wires is that The Nats will stand pat. Of course, there are still serious offers for Nick Johnson (a minor league pitcher from the Marlins) and Joe Beimel (prospects from the Tigers system) and Josh Willingham (the Giants are still interested, but aren’t publicizing talks), but it’s expected that the Nats are going to keep the deck chairs on this Titanic in their current configuration.

Instead, the Nats will likely spend the next two weeks trying to convince Scott Boras and Stephen Strasburg that DC is a decent place to live and play ball. However, it’s hard to think that a team with an interim GM and an interim manager is going to make much of an impression on anyone.

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One thought on “Trade Deadline Today

  1. Trade Johnson, keep Beimel, trade Willingham now, (while he’s hot) and get a bunch of prospects. This team is building for 2011-13, not next year.

    And for Chrissakes, get Strasburg signed ASAP – whatever the cost.

    Welcome to the Riggleman era.