XXtreme XXMarketing XXStupidity

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’10th and K Streets, NW’
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I really, really thought that we were done with things called “Extreme”. I mean, it’s not like anything with that label in the last few years has actually be an extreme, let alone an outlier, but it became edgy somewhere along the lines. But, since when has been being beaten-like-a-dead-horse stopped a good marketing campaign? So, imagine my surprise to see a big sign in front of 1010 Massachussetts advertising XXTreme Residences at XXMass (1010 Mass. How clever.) and suggesting that folks act quickly, as few units remained.

Surely with a town this creative, you could’ve found better marketroids, Ten Ten. Or, at least made sure that the units in question allowed for base jumping access to the roof and had rock-climbing access to the brick façade…

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2 thoughts on “XXtreme XXMarketing XXStupidity

  1. They have been trying to sell out that building for, gosh, at least two to three years now. They must really be in dire straits…