Judge Way Too Judgmental

Flat Tire Drama on the 403 by The Bees

So aside from banging on a desk with a gavel and yelling “Order!”, what else does a judge do?  The way I understand it is that they wake up in the morning, put their pants on (unlike Carl) one leg at a time, commute to work, change into their judge’s costume in the locker room, then decide how to punish people who have broken the law.  Oh you murdered someone?  Let’s see…firing squad for you.  You haven’t paid your taxes…ever?  I sentence you to become a CPA.  At the end of the day you go back to the locker room, change back into your velour track suit, and stop punishing people.

Apparently I’m wrong, but only about the last point.  According to a WaPo article, a Charles County judge is being accused of punishing a courthouse cleaning lady for parking in a restricted area.  He saw that she had parked in an area marked “Restricted Parking Only”, weighed his decision, and sentenced her to a flat tire without bail.  Well it could have been worse.  Hello, firing squad?

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